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May 2018

Magento Security Scanner

If WordPress and Joomla! rule the CMS World, then Magento is king of the eCommerce platforms. Which makes it the obvious addition to our powerful external Vulnerability Scanning service. We can now detect and notify you of any existing or breaking security issues with the core version of your Magento platform. In addition to in-depth checks for thousands of known software and configuration vulnerabilities for all major software products (e.g. PHP, Apache2, etc.) and operating systems (e.g.

Monitoring Potentially Hazardous Asteroids

RapidSpike Connect Anything (RCA) is my favourite least used product. We use it for loads of stuff internally, but it often gets overlooked by our customers. But as a developer, whenever I see a slightly obscure API, I can’t resist having a play with it to get the data into RCA, just to prove we can monitor anything.

Joomla! CMS Vulnerability Scanner

WordPress may power the majority or the internet, but Joomla! is the second most popular CMS on the planet, representing 6.1% of all known CMS websites. So we felt it was important to integrate it directly into our external website security and vulnerability scanner. Sitting alongside special checks for WordPress, Drupal and SilverStripe websites, we scan potential issues with the core version of Joomla! and any plugins installed.