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June 2022

Developing trends in the retail media network

Stay ahead of the competition We have seen enough inferences from one of our earlier blogs that the retail media industry promises to show high market potential. This will influence retail companies to evolve new solutions to meet the marketing demands of the brands. Third and first-party customer data have been playing a major role to provide retail brands with the right demographics and customers to improve the audiences for driving brand awareness and acquisition.

What should Brands look for in Retail Media & Service Platforms

Growing Revenue = Right Message + Right Audience + Right Insights It is evident from the previous series of blogs that retail media networks, services, and advertising platforms are being rapidly used by various B2C advertisers to reach their potential buyers through various ad formats. There is growing need for every advertiser/market is to reach a maximum number of the intended audience to increase the return on ad spend (ROAS).

How to build scalable retail advertising operations?

The advertising industry is very competitive and with new players coming into the market the retail media platforms should clearly define their operational measures and address the challenges in terms of scalability, technology integration, and the ability to close the loop with an end-to-end strategy.

Retail media networks redefining online advertising spend

What, how, and why? - Key benefits of retail media! What is retail media advertising? Any type of digital advertisement (text, display, video) placed on a retailer’s e-commerce platform or displayed as a response to a search is termed as retail media advertisement. The intent is to mimic the front of the aisle concept online to target users/buyers who visit e-commerce platforms and enable sales closures by placing relevant product ads at various entry and exit points.