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May 2022

Augment your Digital Transformation with a Cloud-Wise Strategy

In this digital economy, every enterprise allocates a significant chunk of IT spend towards digital transformation, and the cloud plays a good part in it. Vertical cloud environments are becoming the norm across industries. Leading cloud technology platforms will empower businesses to assemble their operations entirely around the customers and attain business continuity alongside efficiency.

Digital Operations Strategy: A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation

Every enterprise has its own unique blueprint for digital operations, meaning some businesses are further along in their integration and automation than others. Enterprises should weave a unique digital fabric by investing in the right set of frameworks matching their current tech investments. Here is iOPEX's detailed guide on how to prepare for a true transformation with operational resilience.

The core pillars for a strong digital fabric

As organizations are embracing digital transformation, it is imperative for them to invest in the right set of frameworks that make the transformation successful for the near term and durable for the long term. Every organization should weave a unique digital fabric taking into account of the sunk cost of its existing technology and new-age solutions.

Enabling enterprise digital experience using digital-first engineering

Prelude to Digital first Engineering: In the blog that we published earlier, we touched upon how enterprises should gear up and adopt strategies. We have mentioned how enterprises should begin to create a unique blueprint for evolving their operations to be digital savvy for an enhanced experience. We explained the approach that will enable enterprises to digitize business processes and how to choose the right digital technologies and processes.

Biggest challenges organizations face while adopting Digital first!

In our preceding blog, we emphasized the growing need for digital experience for businesses and how it can be achieved using Digital first engineering as a discipline. These transformations are strategic and organizations failing to position themselves with the future trends by coping with the customer and market needs will lose the competitive advantage.

Key Digital first technology trends to consider adopting in 2022

In our previous blog, we covered the importance of establishing a Digital first as a discipline. Once the key outcomes of the project are identified, we often stumble upon numerous challenges – the leaders should filter out the associated challenges and risks, to mitigate them and balance out the desired state benefits versus the current state benefits. This will provide better visibility for the teams involved in the transformational process.

How do you measure the success of your Digital first strategy?

We have seen the importance of adopting a Digital first engineering approach, the challenges faced by leaders, and the role of strategies in our previous blogs. Another factor that plays a significant role in the success of any Digital first initiative is having a proper metric system. These huge transformational processes involve a lot of time, resources, and cost - if these are not managed and measured in a timely fashion, enterprises can end up getting a hit on their bottom line.

What should be the right Digital first strategy - iOPEX PoV?

In the previous blog, we outlined the critical barriers faced by leaders and probable success factors in Digital first implementation, and how an experienced technology partner & fusion team can enhance the success further. In this blog, we will provide the perspectives of having the right strategy & framework in place across people, process, product, and data for an end-to-end transformation. iOPEX point of view - Digital first

Building cognitive automation in the digital fabric

Cognitive automation is part of the digital fabric that is predominantly weaved with technologies like AI and ML to drive automation at an enterprise-wide level that is capable of thinking like humans along with mimicking human behavior. Digital Fabric, “It is the combination of technologies enabling automation to serve dynamic business needs of organizations that seek digital transformation to enhance business outcomes.”

Designing A Customer Support Strategy

Customer support, if managed well, can lead to prolonged customer loyalty, customer advocacy, and additional revenue opportunities. This whitepaper will help you to - Fine-tune your customer support initiatives, Build a robust strategy that boosts customer lifetime value, Drive profits through additional sources of revenue, Minimize customer support costs, Make support your true competitive differentiator.