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December 2022

Introducing our new API and Metrics servers upgrades

We are all about providing the best web deployment experience on the market. Working to ensure that our product is delivering the quality we promise with regular product updates and new features being introduced all the time. And that’s exactly why we’re here! We’re delighted to share the new version of our API server and Metrics server, designed to optimize transparency, crons, builds and sources operations control- to name but a few. Ready to find out more? Keep on scrolling.

PHP 8.2 lays new ground on Platform.sh

Today is the official release of PHP 8.2. And you can already use it on all your Platform.sh projects, with a single code change in your.platform.app.yaml: type: php:8.2 Try it out today! PHP 8.2 introduces some pretty cool new features including: Here’s a quick breakdown of each new feature and how they ought to make things easier for you.

Don't be held to ransom: Security awareness with Platform.sh

Ransomware is an ever-evolving type of malicious software (a.k.a malware) in which an attacker encrypts the files on a victim’s device, rendering it inaccessible and unusable. Then - you guessed it - they demand a ransom from the target before they’ll fix it. Not something any organization ever wants to deal with, and not something any organization has to deal with if they have the right measures in place to minimize the risk. Let’s talk about how!