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November 2022

Are your websites ready to handle traffic peaks this holiday season?

The final 4 months of the year are an incredibly busy time for retailers, as holiday sales are in full swing from early October and continue all the way into the new year. That’s a whole lot of time for increased holiday web traffic to cause performance issues, and during the busiest sales period of the year - there’s no time to lose.

The ultimate generation of our Dedicated offering is here!

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Dedicated Generation 3 - the latest evolution of our Dedicated offering. We rewrote it from scratch with the objective of making the Dedicated experience as incredible as on the Grid, while providing the same strong guarantees regarding uptime, compliance, and SLAs. And, not to humblebrag, but we succeeded!

The Platform.sh CLI is ready to Go(lang)

The developer experience just got so much better with the latest Platform.sh CLI release. Designed and engineered to help developers manage their daily work environments more efficiently, this incredible tool is ready to Go for our entire developer community, becoming language independent with no need to install PHP, and embracing the distribution standards. With the Platform.sh CLI, developers can easily use and manage their projects directly from their terminal.

New feature announcement: Introducing Automated Backups

You asked and we delivered! The days of configuring cron jobs to take backups for each of your environments are over. Soon, for every grid project, you will have your backups automated according to the plan of your choice. Meaning you can focus on deploying today without worrying about whether you can roll back to yesterday - this new feature has you covered. We thought we’d give you the heads up so you can get in there early and choose your desired backups plan.

Introducing a more complete logs forwarding experience

One of the key attributes of DevOps and SRE engineers is their ability to meticulously observe and monitor all of their applications. A task which can be achieved more efficiently by centralizing all generated logs to a central endpoint. By centralizing logging, engineers can, at any time, have an accurate overview of all events which take place across their applications, from just one place. Storing logs in an external system also allows companies to ensure compliance with many certifications.