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May 2022

The pandemic has indeed caused a massive spike in cybercrime

Recent events of the pandemic have facilitated a rapid implementation of remote working tools, causing an increase in ransomware attacks – businesses suffer from financial and data losses. In order to prevent such attacks, companies must not only educate their employees about best cybersecurity practices but also embed professional security solutions within the internal business processes and systems.

Composer Updates with Source Operations

An application on Platform.sh can define a number of operations that can be applied to its source code. Source Operations can be fully automated, which can be useful when projects need scheduled updates applied to their applications. These commands, once defined, can replace the need to push updates from a local repository by running composer update automatically.

Blackfire's unique Way of Delivering Python binaries

We may not always know what is happening behind the scenes when we add a dependency to our projects. We expect this process to “just work” to carry on building applications. Little we may know about the level of commitment from maintainers and the amount of work needed to have everyone seamlessly use a library. Let’s hop in backstage to discover the unique way Blackfire releases its Python binaries.

Infrastructure Metrics available for all Professional projects

The path to success in software development can be long and challenging. It requires a lot of skills and dedication as it’s not just about building applications, it’s so much more. It is also about being tailored for any situation, requiring us to be quick to adapt to change and to the unexpected.