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January 2022

The secret to managing multiple websites

Forrester Research interviewed digital leaders at enterprise organizations and found that, on average, they were maintaining 268 customer-facing websites and applications. As the number of websites you manage continues to grow, so do the number of challenges in managing it. Often the websites are designed by different teams, are built using different languages and frameworks, and run on different hosting solutions with different DevOps tools and workflows.

PaaS: a better alternative to Kubernetes

Today’s organizations face major challenges in effectively deploying and managing their online services, applications, and websites. In recent years, with interest in infrastructure technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker surging, container orchestration solutions have emerged as a core technology to help overcome challenges and move to a more modern approach.

Deploy Friday: E84 How WeWeb rapidly incorporated user feedback into their product

WeWeb.io is a web application builder that enables the development and deployment of interactive sites, without the need to write code. You can import existing front-end components, connect or create databases, and deploy on hyperscale infrastructure all from their web interface. The company got started as a YCombinator graduate, and have quickly developed the product, proven their market, and begun to scale.