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June 2023

Densify Named a Market Leader in GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Resource Optimization

June 27, 2023 We were excited to learn last week that GigaOm named Densify as both a Leader and an “Outperformer” in its new report “Radar for Cloud Resource Optimization”. This was particularly meaningful to us for a few reasons.

Container Optimization Techniques that Cloud Providers Hate!

Watch this 20-min session to get an in-depth look at factors that must be considered when optimizing containers, and effective ways to optimize container density to make sure that they don’t get throttled or killed, while at the same time making sure that being safe doesn’t run up a huge cloud bill. We cover 3 critical factors that are key when optimizing.

Optimizing Your K8s Nodes Using FinOps Tools? Try This Instead...

June 7, 2023 It’s no secret that Kubernetes is one of the fastest-growing technologies in use today for deploying and operating applications of all types in the cloud. It’s also no secret that Kubernetes’ popularity is a significant contributor to fast-growing cloud bills. FinOps teams are constantly looking for ways to lower their cloud spend, in cooperation with the DevOps, Engineering and App owner teams that control this infrastructure.