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November 2020

Cloud Cost Management with HashiCorp Terraform & Densify

Watch and learn how automated infrastructure management withink HashiCorp Terraform and machine-learning-based cost optimization analytics can be combined as part of DevOps and provisioning processes to continuously make FinOps a part of everyday cloud infrastructure management.

How to Manage AWS Cost Outliers

A few years ago, we realized that spending in our AWS product test environment had jumped significantly from one month to the next. We drilled down into the issue and traced it to some RDS database instances that had been spun up to test new product features. No one realized that these expensive instances were left running after the tests were complete, and subsequently racking up charges for several months.

OpenShift Optimization with Jenkins CI/CD

Learn how Raiffeisen Bank International uses Densify container optimization analytics in their Jenkins CI/CD pipeline to precisely resource their Red Hat OpenShift containers. Since embedding Densify into their CI/CD workflow, Raiffeisen has reduced resource demands, cut the frequency at which container resources need to be expanded by nearly 50%, and reduced the risk of instability caused by memory shortages.