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January 2021

Feature spotlight: Auto Diff - New code vs Prod

When making changes to applications these days, it’s hard to understand and predict the impact of those changes before you deploy. API connections are multiplying, and with new cloud platforms such as containers/serverless, it only add to the complexity. Some people have trouble remembering whether they closed the garage door or turned off the coffee maker. Can you remember all the details of your latest API contract change? Let alone who would be impacted and needed to be notified?

Trends in 2021 Dev-Led Landscape

Nowadays developers are in the driver’s seat regarding a lot of decisions for the tools they use. In this update from Tyler Jewell, he covers what he sees are the Top 5 trends that will take place this year. While it’s a bit of a crowded chart, he plots the companies that he sees driving these trends. If you drill into the Service Catalog trend, Jewell sees a couple of different groups working on ways to help developers deal with the deluge of Services (aka APIs).