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October 2021

Announcing HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller 1.7

We’re proud to announce the release of version 1.7 of the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller! In this release, we added support for custom resource definitions that cover most of the configuration settings. Definitions are available for the global, defaults and backend sections of the configuration. This promotes a cleaner separation of concerns between the different groups of settings and strengthens validation of those settings.

HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller Reaches 10 Million Community Downloads

It’s almost wild how two years have passed already since we first announced the HAProxy Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. Note that this project is different from the jcmoraisjr/haproxy-ingress HAProxy ingress controller project on GitHub. Our project is also an open-source project, but it is overseen by engineers at HAProxy Technologies, which has allowed us to streamline its release cycle.