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May 2022

Cloud-Hosted or Cloud-Native? Discover Why Cloudsmith Was Born in the Cloud

Today, almost every service now is offered in a “Cloud” variant. But what does that really mean? Are all clouds services equal? It’s easy to see why so many vendors rush to add a Cloud edition/variant of established software they sell. Undoubtedly, there has been a move to Cloud services across the industry, as more and more organizations seek to take advantage of the higher reliability and lower total cost of ownership that Cloud platforms promise.

Efforts to Secure OSS fired up after Log4Shell

Who would have thought software could rattle the White House? But a vulnerability in Log4J, a popular open source software project, exposed critical digital infrastructure to remote code execution attacks. This prompted the US Government to engage big tech, infosec professionals, and open source organizations to come together to help secure open source software.

DevOps Horror Stories: Repository of Horror

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Is there anything more frightening than the unknown? Anything the mind can conjure up is frequently scarier than something realized. The shark in Jaws is terrifying because you don’t see it until it’s too late. It’s a silent, relentless death machine, hiding in the water. A software vulnerability is the unknown, hidden deep within an ocean of code, packages and container dependencies.