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March 2022

How to Use Pub Repositories in Artifactory

If you’re one of the growing number of client app developers embracing the Dart programming language and Flutter and AngularDart toolkits, we’ve got some exciting news for you! JFrog can now welcome Dart developers to the empowerment of Artifactory’s robust binaries management and the ways that it contributes to continuous integration.

Shifting Left for DevSecOps Success

Catch this session to see exactly what does “shift left” security mean? More importantly, how does this strategy affect a developer’s workflow? In this workshop we walk attendees through the steps of setting up an end-to-end DevSecOps solution to automate your build artifact storage, vulnerability detection, testing, and deployment. Lastly, attendees learn how to take advantage of JFrog’s IDE integration and JFrog XRay to increase your confidence in the security of your application, all within a freely available DevSecOps environment!

Shifting Left for DevSecOps Success

Not long ago, developers built applications with little awareness about security and compliance. Checking for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and policy violations wasn’t their job. After creating a fully-functional application, they’d throw it over the proverbial fence, and a security team would evaluate it at some point – or maybe never. Those days are gone – due to three main shifts.

DirtyPipe (CVE-2022-0847) - the new DirtyCoW?

A few days ago, security researcher Max Kellermann published a vulnerability named DirtyPipe which was designated as CVE-2022-0847. This vulnerability affects the Linux kernel and if exploited, can allow a local attacker to gain root privileges. The vulnerability gained extensive media follow-up, since it affects all Linux-based systems with a 5.8 or later kernel, without any particular exploitation prerequisites.

Amplify Artifactory and Distribution Changes Through PagerDuty

When automated software delivery runs smoothly, it can whisper, and quietly attend to itself. But when your delivery and distribution pipeline runs into a problem, it must shout. Boosting the volume of Artifactory and Distribution change events and issues through PagerDuty can help ensure they’re heard by everyone whose job it is to monitor your software delivery pipeline.

JFrog Discloses 5 Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in PJSIP - A Popular Multimedia Library

JFrog’s Security Research team is constantly looking for new and previously unknown security vulnerabilities in popular open-source projects to help improve their security posture. As part of this effort, we recently discovered 5 security vulnerabilities in PJSIP, a widely used open-source multimedia communication library developed by Teluu. By triggering these newly discovered vulnerabilities, an attacker can cause arbitrary code execution in the application that uses the PJSIP library.