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January 2020

CNCF Member Webinar: DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates

So, you want to update the software for your user, be it the nodes in your K8s cluster, a browser on the user’s desktop, an app in the user’s smartphone or even a user’s car. What can possibly go wrong? In this talk, we’ll analyze real-world software update fails and how multiple DevOps patterns, that fit a variety of scenarios, could have saved the developers. Manually making sure that everything works before sending update and expecting the user to do acceptance tests before they update is most definitely not on the list of such patterns.

Customize Xray DevSecOps With Private Data

For some organizations, even the best isn’t quite enough. That’s why JFrog Xray provides a way for you to specify your own additional data, to detect even more sensitive issues in your binaries before they can reach production. JFrog Xray is a tool for DevSecOps teams to gain insight into the open source components used in their applications.

New ConanCenter Improves Search and Discovery

We’re excited to announce the new and improved ConanCenter! Use our new center with an enhanced UI experience to discover your favorite Conan C/C++ packages. If you’re not familiar with Conan yet, it’s a decentralized package manager for C/C++ that empowers developers to share packages through a push-pull model similar to Git. ConanCenter is a central repository for open source Conan packages, created and maintained by JFrog.

DevOps: 8 Reasons for DevOps to Use a Binary Repository Manager on the Cloud

Cloud DevOps tools offer greater flexibility, rapid deployment, cloud automation, reduced IT costs, and low upfront costs with subscription pricing. Setting up your environment with Artifactory on the cloud on your choice provides unlimited scalability allowing you to grow according to your needs and is easily achieved by using cloud storage providers (Amazon AWS, Google GCP or Microsoft Azure) in your environment with Artifactory.

Taking My DevOps To The Cloud: The Essential Guide to Selecting a Binary Repository Solution

Software businesses of every industry and all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, are looking for ways to accelerate their software development process in the race to innovate and deliver their offerings to their customers ahead of their competition.

GoCenter Reveals Go Module Vulnerabilities With Xray

Golang developers care a lot about security and as Go modules become more widely used, they need more ways to assure these publicly shared files are safe. One unique feature included with Golang version 1.13 is the foresight that went into authentication and security for Go modules. When a developer creates a new module or a new version of an existing module, a go.sum file included there creates a list of SHA-256 hashes that are unique to that module version.

JFrog Platform: An End-to-End Platform for Global DevOps

Today, we live in a very connected world, where our devices, homes and cars all communicate with each other, and every company with a product or service has the need to develop software. It is one of the primary mediums by which they strive to provide better products, services and solutions, and has become paramount to a company's success. To continuously improve their software, companies must have sound DevOps or DevSecOps practices in place.

Six Obstacles to Successful DevOps

In today's enterprises, software is your company's everyday face, whether through the desktop, the cloud, or a mobile device, to all parts of the globe. Cars are computers on wheels. Thermostats are data terminals. Banks live in your phone. In this new world, software updates serve customer's demands. Each one you deliver is your opportunity to renew - or, if botched, destroy - their trust. How can you make every update top-notch at top speed?