Yocto or Ubuntu Core for your embedded Linux project?

Yocto or Ubuntu Core for your embedded Linux project?

May 17, 2022

Embedded Linux development doesn't have to be a journey of anxiety. Ubuntu Core provides developers what a DIY Linux distro cannot give them: a faster time to market, and tested and trusted security and update strategies.

Why is Linux the OS of choice for embedded systems? Check out the official guide to Linux for embedded applications here: https://ubuntu.com/engage/linux-embedded-applications-whitepaper

Further reading on our Ubuntu blog https://ubuntu.com/blog/embedded-linux-project-i

Key learning from this video:

  • Key considerations when choosing the OS of an embedded Linux system
  • The pros and cons of using Yocto for embedded systems
  • How Ubuntu Core enables developers to focus on their value-add software
  • How to get to market fast when using embedded Linux

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