What's New at Kentik, Episode 3

What's New at Kentik, Episode 3

Jan 29, 2024

Host Leon Adato dives into the latest offerings and insights from Kentik, the network observability company as we begin 2024. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field of network observability, this episode is packed with information, humor, and insights into Kentik's latest developments. Don't forget to hit like and subscribe for more content from Kentik.


Leon starts the episode with an intro to the new Kentik's integration for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (learn more at https://www.kentik.com/blog/oracle-cloud-infrastructure-support-in-kentik-cloud/).

He then showcases the highly anticipated 2024 Kentik meme calendar, a creative blend of humor and technology insights—request your copy here: https://www.kentik.com/go/offer/2024-meme-calendar/ .

The episode also highlights the "Year in Internet Analysis" by Doug Madory, offering a comprehensive review of 2023'S internet events and outages: https://www.kentik.com/blog/a-year-in-internet-analysis-2023/

For those interested in the origins and evolution of Kentik, Leon shares insights from Kentik CEO Avi Friedman's appearance on the CodeStory Podcast (https://codestory.co/podcast/bonus-avi-freedman-kentik) and CPO Christoff Pfister's discussion on network observability at KubeCon, featured on TFiR (https://tfir.io/network-is-fundamental-to-your-business-lets-talk-about-network-observability/).

Additionally, Leon explores the "Compare over previous period" feature in Kentik, a tool designed to enhance data analysis by comparing current metrics with historical data. Find knowledgebase info about this Kentik feature here: