What is Ubuntu Core 22?

What is Ubuntu Core 22?

Jun 15, 2022

IoT manufacturers face complex challenges to deploy devices on time and within budget. Ensuring security and remote management at scale is also taxing as device fleets expand. Ubuntu Core 22 helps manufacturers meet these challenges with an ultra-secure, resilient, and low-touch Operating System, backed by a growing ecosystem of silicon and ODM partners.

Ubuntu Core 22 is a minimal, fully containerised Ubuntu 22.04 LTS variant optimised for IoT and edge devices.

Download Ubuntu Core 22: ubuntu.com/download/iot
Check the official PR announcement: https://ubuntu.com/blog/canonical-ubuntu-core-22-is-now-available-optimised-for-iot-and-embedded-devices
Intro to Ubuntu Core 22 webinar: Save your seat, June 28th 2022 at 4PM CET https://ubuntu.com/engage/intro-to-ubuntu-core22-webinar
Learn more: https://ubuntu.com/core

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