What Is Synthetic Monitoring? | The Benefits of Running Synthetic Tests - Sematext

What Is Synthetic Monitoring? | The Benefits of Running Synthetic Tests - Sematext

Jun 17, 2022

Find out what synthetic monitoring is and how it works. Discover the benefits of using synthetic testing tools for website performance and how to choose the right one for your use case.

Synthetic monitoring (also known as synthetic testing and active or proactive monitoring) is one of the many tools developers use to oversee their websites. Synthetic testing removes the user and their device as variables and lets your test your deployed site. This helps ensure the website and all its third-party APIs are accessible and functioning as they should.

The best synthetic monitoring tools should be able to:
Monitor global website uptime
Create active runs for HTTP requests or entire webpages
Simulate and track entire user business journeys
Verify 3rd-party APIs
Monitor Core Web Vitals
Notify and alerting with anomaly detection

If you’re looking for the right tool to run synthetic tests, Sematext ticks all the boxes. Try it out!
Free 14-day Trial of Sematext: https://sematext.com/synthetic-monitoring/

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0:00 ⏩ Use Case for Monitoring your Site

0:50 ⏩ Active and Passive Monitoring Defined

1:24 ⏩ What is Synthetic Monitoring?

1:57 ⏩ Synthetic Monitoring with Multiple Runs

2:30 ⏩ Global Uptime Monitoring

3:00 ⏩ Root Cause Analysis

3:43 ⏩ Automated Runs + Alerts

4:17 ⏩ API Monitoring

4:47 ⏩ Pricing

5:01 ⏩ Sematext All-in-One Solution