What is Load Balancing (Part 2/11)

What is Load Balancing (Part 2/11)

Published May 14, 2019

When it comes to containerizing user applications and deploying them on Kubernetes, it really comes down to 2 major parts - deploying the application and exposing it for access internally or externally. And as your application gets bigger, providing it with Load Balanced access becomes essential.

Join Rancher Principal Software Engineer Murali Paluru as he discusses and demos:

  • Difference between Kubernetes Load Balancer Service and Ingress
  • Kubernetes ingress capabilities
  • An overview of various deployment models for ingress controllers
  • Best practices for Load Balancer integration with external DNS
  • How Rancher makes Kubernetes Ingress and Load Balancer configuration experience easier for an end-user

This is a recording of a free Kubernetes Master Class.

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