What is HPC? An introduction to High-Performance Computing

What is HPC? An introduction to High-Performance Computing

Apr 19, 2022

High-Performance Computing, or HPC, is the procedure of combining computational resources together as a single resource. The combined resources are often referred to as a supercomputer or a compute cluster. The reason this is done is to make it possible to deliver computational intensity and the ability to process complex computational workloads and applications at high speeds and in parallel. Those workloads require computing power and performance that is often beyond the capabilities of a typical desktop computer or a workstation.

Our solutions for high-performance computing are available across all clouds and clusters. We offer solutions such as Ubuntu, an open-source OS, that is available for both private clusters and across all public cloud solutions. Canonical also provides Charmed OpenStack, a solution that allows you to easily build your own private cloud. And for those looking for the ultimate experience in bare-metal cluster management, MAAS is a bare metal-provisioning tool, IPAM (IP Address Management), and data centre automation that turns racks of machines into a physical, on-demand compute cloud.

So no matter the size of the computation Canonical has the solutions for you. Contact Canonical to find the right solution for you!

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