Webinar: How Medtronic Monitors a Billion Lambda Requests a Month

Webinar: How Medtronic Monitors a Billion Lambda Requests a Month

Oct 13, 2021

Jeff Barr AWS Chief Evangelist, Daniel Modlinger Medtronic Director of Data & AI, and Erez Berkner Lumigo CEO discuss serverless observability at scale and review how Medtronic's Artificial Pancreas Project runs a billion AWS Lambda requests a month while maintaining high-availability. Watch and learn how to scale your serverless workloads.

In this session we discuss:

  • What are the main implications of scaling serverless?
  • How to maintain visibility when scaling?
  • What are the cost implications of scale, and how to forecast them?

Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr joined Amazon in 2002, became the company’s first web services evangelist in 2003, and founded the AWS News Blog in 2004. In his role as Chief Evangelist, Jeff strives to explain the benefits of cloud computing and web services to anyone who will listen. He has written over 3000 posts for the AWS Blog and another 1100 for his personal blog, records weekly AWS update videos, and maintains an active social media presence.

Daniel Modlinger
Daniel was Nutrino's VP of R&D, where he led the team from inception to create the world's leading AI applications for personalized nutrition. Post-Nutrino's acquisition by Medtronic, Daniel leads 40 engineers as part of Medtronic's global efforts to create an Artificial Pancreas for people living with diabetes. Daniel is a Mamram Alumni and based in Tel Aviv.

Erez Berkner
Erez, developer by heart, and is the CEO & co-founder of Lumigo a serverless observability platform. Lumigo is a modern SaaS platform built with a serverless mindset from the ground up.