User Panel discussion! | Netdata Office Hours #12

User Panel discussion! | Netdata Office Hours #12

Jan 11, 2024

Join the Netdata Team, on the 10th of January at 17:00 UTC for the Netdata Office Hours.

Together we'll cover:

  • Spotlight
  • User Panel discussion w/ 3 invited users
  • Open slot for questions.

This event will be available to the Community for rewatch.

Hoping to see you there!

Meet our panellists:

00:00 Waiting to start

01:56 Introduction

02:19 Agenda

03:28 Introduction, share your infrastructure details and setup

16:46 Why did you start using Netdata? What particular problem did you initially want to solve?

25:41 Is there a particular capability or features that you find yourself using the most?

32:19 ​Carel, how do you manage that scale of data using/for Netdata (audience question)

40:02 What is the main reason for continuing to use Netdata?

43:17 What is the main pain point(s)/ challenge(s) you currently have? How is Netdata helping you to solve them?

47:35 How is Netdata helping you achieve your or your organizational goals/objectives?

52:26 Explore any use cases or troubleshooting scenarios where Netdata may have helped you