Uptime.com Status Page Solution: Basic Setup

Uptime.com Status Page Solution: Basic Setup

Tour the Uptime.com status page solution, use the timestamps below to jump around:

00:17 create your first status page

02:24 manage your status page

02:48 add a new component

03:30 creating component groups

04:40 creating an incident

06:08 notifying subscribers

06:30 updating or resolving an incident

06:43 creating a maintenance event

07:40 Adjust Global Settings (enable subscribers, URL slug, CNAME, basic auth)

08:45 Current Status Tab (configure metrics and display for current status)

09:20 History and Incidents Tab (customize display, enable download via pdf, downtime calc.)

10:10 Custom Look & Feel (html, css, logo, favicon)

11:15 page type examples

11:25 manage subscribers (bulk import)

For more info, check out our support documentation linked below or reach out to us at support@uptime.com!


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