Uptime.com Real User Monitoring Report

Uptime.com Real User Monitoring Report

Take an in-depth tour of the Uptime.com RUM report. Skip to each aspect of reporting with the timestamps below:

00:00 RUM Report

01:11 Data Aggregation

03:09 Page Load Time

07:51 AJAX Load Time

10:00 Errors

10:45 Bounce Rate

Comprehensively understand your users – and your baselines. Organize RUM data by URL(s) or group URL(s) to track subdomains; segment data by devices, operating systems, browsers, countries, other geographies – to compare metrics within specific time windows to your website or application’s performance monitoring baselines.

Check out our support documentation for more details: https://support.uptime.com/hc/en-us/articles/4415874052242-RUM-Advanced-Data-and-Reports#aggregating_data

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