Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Analytics with InfluxDB

Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Analytics with InfluxDB

Turn insights into action–in real-time–using your time series data. Now, more than ever, businesses generate massive amounts of time-stamped data. To get value from that data, you need to be able to ingest and query it in real-time. InfluxDB 3.0, built on innovative open source technology (Apache ecosystem), is the solution startups and enterprises use to achieve real-time insights.

In this discussion, InfluxData Founder and CTO Paul Dix and InfluxData Staff Engineer, Andrew Lamb chat about how organizations use time series data to drive innovation, improve operations, and make better decisions.


  • How InfluxDB 3.0 opens up a new realm of possibility for time series data.
  • The role time series data plays in mission-critical processes, like real-time analytics and operational monitoring. Time series data also powers artificial intelligence and machine learning models, which continue to redefine the shape of technology today.
  • Why the Apache Arrow ecosystem is so central to the development of InfluxDB 3.0, and how upstream contributions fuel the future of these technologies for the entire open source community.