Unified Network Monitoring for Business Excellence

Unified Network Monitoring for Business Excellence

Nov 13, 2017

As the technology advances rapidly, enterprises are inundated with increased users, access requests and gigantic data sets that slows system and critical decision-making processes related to Network Monitoring and Application Monitoring. Motadata provides a unified platform that allows you full control over IT infrastructure with visualization.

Motadata has many salient features that helps enterprises in streamlining their networks, portals and applications. It’s end-to-end analytics platform, plug-in based architecture and unified dashboard keeps you on top of every device, access request, apps and servers in real-time. It can also be integrated with most of your enterprise portals that make it an important partner in improving efficiency and security.

The Webinar discussed following topics:

  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Traffic Monitoring(Flow)
  • Log Management
  • Benefits for Businesses
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems
  • Q & A

Presenters: Vishakha Rao & Parth Chandarana