Team Features - Cloud 66 Demo

Team Features - Cloud 66 Demo

Nov 30, 2022

Cloud 66 Team Access Control features:

Organizations are the foundation of team access control. They allow you to manage distinct groups of users, teams, applications and other components. They are useful if you need complete separation between different sets of applications and/or users.

You can be a member or owner of several Organizations and switch between them using the top-right menu in the web dashboard or the `--org` option of the Cloud 66 Toolbelt (CLI).

While optional, teams are useful for grouping individual users into their teams in the real world. Any access right that can be granted to a user can also be granted to a team, making it easier to manage collective access rights.

Users belong to organizations and teams. They reflect the real members of your team. You can grant access rights to users per application and quickly assign different levels of access using pre-defined Roles (which can be customised). You can also assign custom permissions per user, as needed.

You can limit access rights for your team members to specific cloud accounts. This means they will only be able to deploy applications to some of your cloud accounts.

Service Accounts
One of the most powerful features of Cloud 66 teams is Service Accounts. Service Accounts are like team members in all aspects, except that they can't log in to the web dashboard.

Service Accounts are useful for centralising automated tasks like API calls or Toolbelt commands running in CRON. If you attach such tasks to a normal user account, there's a danger that the user leaves the team and (unintentionally) breaks the automation.

Cloud 66 products are built for teams, and there is a lot more you can do with the team features.

What is Cloud 66?
Cloud 66 gives you everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your applications on any cloud, without the headache of dealing with “server stuff”.

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