Deployment Options - Cloud 66 Demo

Deployment Options - Cloud 66 Demo

Nov 30, 2022

Cloud 66 offers a range of deployment options for your applications:

  • Serial Deployments — code is deployed to one server at a time. This is the slowest method and means two versions of your code will exist in production while the deployment process is running.
  • Parallel Deployments — code is deployed to each server simultaneously. This is the fastest method but also the riskiest. It guarantees some downtime during deployment and, if the deployment fails, all servers will be affected.
  • Rolling Deployments — servers are divided into two equally weighted sets. Each set gets deployed in parallel (all servers at the same time) one after the other. This is a good compromise between speed and safety, with no downtime, but it is only suited to accounts with at least 4 servers and a load balancer.

And there are also two types of Rollouts strategies available:

  • Blue / Green Rollouts — you have the option to serve the latest or previous version of your code to visitors, and to quickly switch between them.
  • Canary Rollouts —the latest version of your code will be visible to a subset of your visitors. Everyone else will see the previous version. After deploying you can adjust the rollout percentage as required.

What is Cloud 66?
Cloud 66 gives you everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your applications on any cloud, without the headache of dealing with “server stuff”.

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