Tanzu Talk: Four Important DevOps Metrics

Tanzu Talk: Four Important DevOps Metrics

In this episode, I discuss four software and operations metrics to start with when you’re doing your digital transformation, app modernization stuff: deployment frequency, lead time for changes, time to restore service, and change failure rate.

Also, I discuss my thoughts on TRRS vs. TRS cables, and USB-C variations.


Article on Metrics: https://financialit.net/blog/software/three-success-metrics-software-development

Free book, The Business Bottleneck: https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/cote/the-business-bottleneck


00:00 - Intro and recap.
01:49 - This is part of “digital transformation,” doing software better.
02:46 - Deployment frequency.
05:26 - Lead time for changes.
07:14 - VMware Tanzu speeds up time to market.
09:20 - Rant on Cable Complexity.
10:39 - Time to restore service.
13:41 - Detecting if you’re slacking off.
15:05 - Change Failure rate
16:10 - Shipping with bugs in favor of higher value features
16:57 - Using metrics to drive discussion and collaboration (some SRE think)
18:51 - Large enterprises are fleets, not single boats
19:55 - More in my free books
21:55 - Free Kubernetes training and knowledge at kube.academy.
22:20 - The return of banana boy.