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Enlightning - What the Flux?! GitOps at Your Fingertips

GitOps with Flux brings you security, reliability, velocity and more - no more pagers on Saturdays! No more breaches to the cluster that you can’t roll back. No more worrying about how you’ll fare in the next security audit. Pinky & Mae will share an overview of Flux and how it works as well as their personal experience on why Flux has been an essential part of achieving a best-in-class delivery and platform team.

Enlightning - Delivering Your Platform Your Way Using Kratix

Your organization wants to ship valuable products faster. You either have or are considering an internal platform to centralize common services and provide a self-service developer experience. To deliver this experience, as a platform team, you need to balance software engineers vying for the newest tools and business stakeholders requiring assurances and visibility. Configuring the right solution to meet organization specific needs is hard. You have to frequently context switch as you divide your requirements across a number of different tools.