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Enlightning - Develop at Lightning Speed on Kubernetes with DevSpace

By now, Kubernetes has become the de-facto industry standard for container orchestration. But developing applications natively for K8s can be a real pain. Developers should be able to focus on building cool stuff without having to maintain an entire cluster on their local machine. Here's where DevSpace, an open source tool recently donated to the CNCF, comes in! By abstracting and codifying your local development environment, DevSpace makes it a breeze to automate, share and collaborate across devs and dev teams.

DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu - A Discussion with the Authors - Tanzu Talk

What is VMware Tanzu? I get asked this question a lot and, you know, I try to explain it. If you want a really good explanation, you should check out a new book on the topic, _DevSecOps in Practice with VMware Tanzu_. It's expansive and in-depth, not only on the parts of Tanzu, but also the theory, ideas, and ways of working that Tanzu embodies.

Deploying Kubernetes at the Edge with VMware Tanzu Using Single Node Clusters

This demonstration shows how to use VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in a hub-and-spoke architecture to create Kubernetes clusters at multiple edge locations. We also demonstrate a new feature of single node clusters using a minimal operating system to reduce the footprint even further.

Managing Kubernetes Edge Locations at Scale with VMware Tanzu Mission Control

This demonstration shows how VMware Tanzu Mission Control can be used to manage many Kubernetes edge locations with ease. Tanzu Mission Control is responsible for fleet-wide management. It has extensive capabilities that can help you visualize your entire Kubernetes footprint across many data centers and edge locations. Tanzu Mission Control makes it easier to handle lifecycle management with deployment and upgrade capabilities.

An Introduction to Service Installer for VMware Tanzu

Service Installer for VMware Tanzu enables quick, repeatable deployments of Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations on a variety of cloud platforms. This video provides a high-level introduction to Service Installer for VMware Tanzu, including its capabilities, form factors, benefits, and availability.