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Create a Software Supply Chain with VMware Tanzu Community Edition

VMware Tanzu Community Edition offers Cartographer, advanced software supply chain tooling that can help you deliver applications more rapidly, securely, and efficiently at scale. In this video, Cora Iberkleid shows us how to use Cartographer to build and maintain paths to production from reusable building blocks and create pre-approved workflows that enable dev teams to focus on writing code and that boost their productivity.

Tanzu Talk - What is DevSecOps? Part 02: Automating Verification and Guardrails

What is DevSecOps? Here’s part two of what I think it is, actual new tools you can use when it comes to verifying/trusting what’s in your apps and putting out guardrails for developers. Plus, some repaving for you 3 R’s OGs.

Enlightning: What Is Observability?

Is Observability really just logging, metrics, and distributed tracing? Are we done? Mission accomplished? Can we go home for the week even if it is just Tuesday? You can often hear about the "Three Pillars of Observability" but having access to logs, metrics, and traces does not necessarily mean more observable systems. In this session, you'll learn what Observability is, what problems the three pillars solve, what problems they generate, and how deep the rabbit hole goes behind them. We will explore the basics of the three pillars and what Spring has to offer to implement them.

Enlightning: Security For Application Developers

We are going to talk about the best way for developers to up-level security skills so you never get stuck not understanding what a security exception means and using trial error to get something working. We will talk about how to do passwordless logins, Spring authorization server, and key cryptography concepts all devs should know.

Distributed Observability: A Look into ESG Research

What are your colleagues' top concerns as they navigate between monitoring and observability? How are they planning for a cloud migration and moving away from a siloed approach? This brief video brings together industry experts from ESG to discuss results from their recent cloud observability survey, and gives a sneak preview into how Space Ape Games benefited from VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront.

What's New in VMware Tanzu Application Platform 1.1: Image-Based Supply Chains

With the release of VMware Tanzu Application Platform version 1.1, we are happy to introduce the ability to deploy applications using prebuilt container images, in addition to building images from source code, as part of out-of-the-box supply chains. This allows users to leverage the existing investments they have made in processes to build container images, rather than requiring them to adopt a new process.