Shifting Left -- From Wishes to Workflows

Shifting Left -- From Wishes to Workflows

Jul 24, 2019

With the explosion of microservices and Kubernetes, enterprises have recognized the importance of empowering developers to productionize their software. However, most companies still have separate Ops/DevOps teams and software teams. Why is that?

In this talk, Priyanka Sharma will show how tooling and workflows make or break shift left. We will look at the current tooling landscape, how cluttered it is, and how a thoughtful tool-chain strategy can set companies on the path of true shift-left.

What people will learn:

  • Definitions: What is shift-left?
  • The importance of shifting left for business - faster cycle times
  • What are the challenges people face today - tool chain challenges and unempowered developers
  • How to fix that - Picking the right tooling model and empowering developers with infrastructure as code and other tips and tricks