Problem solving and pinball with Jay Adelson | Network AF Episode 18

Problem solving and pinball with Jay Adelson | Network AF Episode 18

Jun 21, 2022

Chairman and Co-Founder of Scorbit, Jay Adelson, sits down with Network AF host Avi Freedman to talk about his history as a serial entrepreneur. Jay founded Equinix, Revision3, Opsmatic, and was the CEO of Digg. Throughout the conversation Jay and Avi touch on problems founders encounter, and discuss their mutual joy for gaming.Highlights of the conversation include:

  • Imposter syndrome and working at DeckServer evolution, power efficiency, and presentation
  • How not to build a data center
  • Terminating a cross connect and turning off service for Australia by accident
  • Equinix during its hyper-growth phase
  • Richard Clark and peering
  • The Forest Gump of the Internet
  • All of the things that go wrong with the body go wrong with the internet
  • Emergent behavior and the case of HD DVDs
  • An evolution of the anarchy started by the internet
  • Scorbit, gaming, and problem solving in pinball
  • Advice and lessons to a young Jay

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