PHP - Monitoring a PHP application with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz

PHP - Monitoring a PHP application with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz

Jun 15, 2022

In this tutorial, we will use OpenTelemetry to instrument a PHP application for telemetry data.

It’s essential to monitor your PHP application for performance issues and bugs. Application owners need good telemetry data from their application in order to monitor it effectively. That’s where OpenTelemetry comes into the picture. OpenTelmetry provides client libraries for many programming languages, including PHP, which can be used to instrument applications.

Link to PHP blog used in the video -

Link to sample-php-app repository -

More about SigNoz:

SigNoz - Monitor your applications and troubleshoot problems in your deployed applications, an open-source alternative to DataDog, New Relic, etc. Backed by Y Combinator.

SigNoz helps developers monitor applications and troubleshoot problems in their deployed applications. SigNoz uses distributed tracing to gain visibility into your software stack.

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If you need any clarification or find something missing, feel free to raise a GitHub issue with the label documentation or reach out to us at the community slack channel.

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