New Product Updates What Does it Mean to Observe and Debug in 'Hi Res'

New Product Updates What Does it Mean to Observe and Debug in 'Hi Res'

Oct 27, 2020

A number of Honeycomb features have been released throughout spring 2019 that, collectively, we like to say deliver “hi-res” across the Engineering and DevOps lifecycle. What do we mean?

First, hi-res with Honeycomb means you get clearer visibility about how your production is behaving in real time, as you release new code. Secondly, it means once you have those insights (thanks to granular event data stored in Honeycomb), you can debug and resolve more efficiently. So, how do we do it?

In this webcast, we'll cover these newer features and how they make hi-res happen for critical systems:

  • Intuitive New Home Page that features a redesigned layout to orient users with immediate access to interactive charts to observe production and dive in to investigate.
  • Distributed Tracing now accessed with a click directly from visualizations such as line graphs, histograms, or heatmaps to easily navigate across services, examine crucial details and discover latency, errors or duplicates.
  • Tracing Navigation to conduct a full-text search over trace spans, collapse and expand for easy viewing, and spawn new queries from a waterfall view.
  • BubbleUp offers instant, automatic detection of outliers. Quickly select suspect areas of heatmaps and see what's behaving differently from the baseline.
  • Team Collaboration and Elevation lets users share and search query history, replay debugging steps, curate dashboards for new team members, inform on-call, and elevate everyone to the level of the best debugger.

Use this webinar to learn how Honeycomb differs from other APM and monitoring offerings and see our new features in action.