Navigate the future of ecommerce with x Adobe

Navigate the future of ecommerce with x Adobe

Are you keeping pace with ecommerce hosting trends and changes?

In this 40-minute webinar you'll learn how to navigate the future of ecommerce with and Adobe experts. As they explore dynamic changes in the market and the future of ecommerce open-source projects.

What insights will you gain in this webinar?

✅ Market insights.
Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the latest developments in the ecommerce industry.

✅ Open-source projects.
Explore the future prospects of open-source initiatives and their role in shaping the digital landscape.

✅ Collaborative efficiency.
Learn how a PaaS can enhance collaboration and streamline your development and deployment processes.

And learn how a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) can revolutionize collaboration, making website and application development and deployment faster and more efficient.

😎 Your hosts:

  • Corey Dockendorf, Solutions Architect
  • Jeff Lathan, Adobe Commerce Cloud Group Product Manager
  • Alyssa Espiritu, Adobe Commerce Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Mike Patel, ioVista CEO and founder