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Greener region discount: the future of cloud computing l Platform.sh

Bonnie Schneider speaks with Leah Goldfarb, the environmental impact officer at Platform.sh, about their initiative to impact business sustainability in 2024 with a PaaS sector first: a greener region discount. Learn how this innovative approach is shaping the future of cloud computing and environmental responsibility.

Expert talk: Business sustainability in 2024 l Platform.sh x Liip

Discover the ways digital companies are leading the charge in creating a progressive future. Dive into how tech companies can be pioneers not just through innovative tools, but also by making a positive ecological, social, and economic impact. Join our speakers on a journey in discussing business sustainability in 2024. Speakers: Leah Goldfarb, Environmental Impact Officer at Platform.sh Gerhard Andrey, Co-Founder of Liip and National Councillor for the Swiss Green Party.

Scaling new frontiers with Pimcore PaaS l Platform.sh

Scaling New Frontiers with Pimcore PaaS: A Webinar for the Future-Ready Enterprise Embark on a transformative journey into the future of digital infrastructure with Pimcore's Platform as a Service (PaaS). Join us for an exclusive webinar that promises to redefine the way you think about building, running, and scaling your websites and applications.

New era of observability l Blackfire Continuous Profiler

A new era of observability: introducing Blackfire Continuous Profiler for PHP, Python, Node.js, and Go. Blackfire continuous profiler available to all Production plan customers. After extensive development and refinement, we are proud and excited to announce the immediate availability of our Continuous Profiler for all Production plan customers. This highly anticipated feature is now ready to elevate your application performance monitoring and troubleshooting experience.

We manage the infrastructure complexities l Platform.sh

You deliver the code. We take care of the infrastructure complexities. Deliver your applications faster, at scale. Built for developers, by developers. The efficient, reliable, and secure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that gives development teams control and peace of mind while accelerating the time it takes to build and deploy applications.

Trusted, proven PaaS platform l Platform.sh

Platform.sh, a PaaS with flexible, automated infrastructure provisioning and Git-based process optimizes development-to-production workflows. The choice is yours with our multicloud, multistack PaaS supporting more than 100 frameworks, 14 programming languages, and a variety of services to build, iterate, and deploy your way.