MSP Risks and Rewards in Cloud Tech

MSP Risks and Rewards in Cloud Tech

May 15, 2020

Your clients want the freedom of cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools. As an MSP, you want a business-grade solution to security and data governance. Where and how do these interests intersect?

Join us as we chat with Ted Hulsy, global head of channel marketing at Dropbox, about the risks of cloud services for your clients and how addressing them can be a business opportunity for your MSP.

You’ll learn:

  • What your clients really want and need from cloud-based services
  • The risk scenarios to be aware of when supporting cloud in the workplace
  • What to focus on when selecting or supporting cloud solutions
  • How you can deliver cloud services which enable mobile productivity and collaboration, along with security and data governance
  • How you can use cloud tech offerings to grow your revenue in 2019