Managing incidents in a growing organisation -

Managing incidents in a growing organisation -

In this week's episode, we're joined by Matt Huxtable, CTO at Ziglu (an e-money issuer, offering a variety of digital finance services, particularly well known for its cryptocurrency services).

Matt talks about how the engineering team at Ziglu has evolved over time, building an agile culture and why "keep it boring" is his mantra.

Chris, Pete and Matt cover how to context switch between solving and communicating during an incident, their most creative incident fixes and why AI isn't ready to solve incidents for us just yet.

In this episode we cover:
[01:20] Introducing Matt and Ziglu
[05:45] The evolution of the team at Ziglu
[09:45] Horizontal career growth in Engineering
[12:15] Finding an incident solution at Ziglu
[18:00] Balancing fixing with communicating during an incident
[20:26] Could AI help you solve incidents?
[27:00] Matt’s most creative incident fix

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