Kubernetes Master Class - Thanos and Istio

Kubernetes Master Class - Thanos and Istio

Mar 16, 2021

Rancher simplifies the deployment and management of monitoring (Prometheus) and observability (Istio) on a cluster to cluster basis. Each of these tools have extensions that allow for global view and global access. With the recent introduction of Fleet, Rancher 2.5 has reduced the barrier to entry for these configurations, making them available to organizations running at any scale.

In this Master Class, we will identify the problems that Thanos and Multi Cluster Istio aim to solve and the manner in which they accomplish this task. Additionally we will demonstrate a Fleet-based approach to automate much of this configuration.


  • What problem does Thanos solve?
  • How is Thanos different than prometheus?
  • What problem does Istio solve?
  • How is Multi-cluster Istio different than single cluster Istio?
  • How do I automate these solutions?