Kubernetes Master Class: K3s Production Ready

Kubernetes Master Class: K3s Production Ready

Dec 17, 2019

This class assumes you have participated in the original Rancher Labs K3s online training or that you have previously installed K3s with multiple worker nodes. Watch the intro training here: https://info.rancher.com/k3s-online-training

The goal of this class is to take K3s to the next level and get ready for production use of K3s. To begin, we will hear from Arm and learn about the Arm ecosystem for edge. After the Arm introduction, we will prepare, install and operate k3s using the high availability (HA) setup and configuration options.


  • Arm ecosystem
  • K3s fundamentals review
  • Command line config options
  • Preparing an HA K3s cluster
  • K3s HA install
  • Testing HA
  • K3s air-gap and upgrade (time permitting)