KMC - Automated Optimization of Kubernetes Performance

KMC - Automated Optimization of Kubernetes Performance

Aug 5, 2020

Using the Rancher platform and services, enterprise IT and DevOps teams can overcome the complexity of standing up and running multiple Kubernetes containers. However, as deployments scale, and the number of apps and workloads that teams have running on Kubernetes multiplies, complexity grows exponentially. Much of the difficulty centers on trying to find the best configuration settings for applications. Manual, trial-and-error approaches are ineffective, and always overprovisioning isn’t a viable strategy.

In this Kubernetes Master Class you’ll learn about a new, machine learning-based approach that enables IT and DevOps teams to automate the process of optimizing the performance of their applications running on Kubernetes. Ofer Idan, CTO of Carbon Relay, will provide a walk-through of how this new technology helps teams to boost the performance and reliability of their Kubernetes apps, while also enabling them to reduce costs.

Key points to be covered:

  • Complexities of Kubernetes
  • Running Experiments in Dev Environments
  • Automating Application Performance Optimization
  • Working with Experiment Results
  • Demo of Kubernetes application using Carbon Relay