Intro to k3s: Lightweight Kubernetes

Intro to k3s: Lightweight Kubernetes

Jul 10, 2019

Ready to get some training on using K3s, the lightweight Kubernetes distribution?
Earlier this year, Rancher Labs introduced k3s, a new open source project which is a lightweight implementation of Kubernetes that is easy to install and can run on x86 and ARM infrastructure with only 512 MB of RAM required to run it. It is geared towards teams that need to deploy applications quickly and reliably to resource-constrained environments. Some use cases for k3s are edge, Single Board Computers, IoT, and CI.

Watch the introductory training on k3s to learn how to:

  • Install and upgrade k3s
  • Deploy k3s on ARM
  • Manage multiple k3s clusters and deploy applications
  • Using k3d on the desktop
  • Using k3os to deliver a container operating system

To get started with k3s, visit: