Internet traffic and current events with Doug Madory | Network AF Episode 19

Internet traffic and current events with Doug Madory | Network AF Episode 19

Jul 5, 2022

Network AF welcomes Doug Madory back to the podcast to discuss current events, including Russia invading Ukraine, and recent internet-related issues in Syria and Egypt. Doug is Kentik's Director of Internet Analysis, and uses BGP and traffic data to write about happenings with networks on a worldwide scale. Together with Kentik CEO and show host Avi Freedman, the two dive into the real-world implication of geopolitical events on the state of networking.

Highlights of today's conversation include:
[01:35] The current situation in Ukraine
[05:30] Route-jacking, forcing traffic through unknown infrastructure
[09:24] What internet activity looks like in Ukraine now
[12:09] Egypt and the cable "cutting" event, discussing submarine consortium cables
[17:37] The paths of submarine and overland circuit connections, how it impacts the flow of internet access across countries
[22:20] Connectivity can be much more network topological than geographically topological
[25:36] Syria and shutting down the Internet as the new norm

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