How to use metrics scopes in Cloud Monitoring

How to use metrics scopes in Cloud Monitoring

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Managing via API ->

You've got Cloud Monitoring all set up in your project - but what do you do if you need to manage multiple projects and unify monitoring across them? In this episode of Engineering for Reliability, we look at Cloud Monitoring metrics scopes and show you how to use them to monitor multiple Cloud projects. Watch to learn how to use the Cloud Console to manage Metrics Scopes, view metrics from resources in multiple projects, and automate configurations using the API!


0:00 - Intro

0:24 - Metrics Scopes and Monitored Projects

2:25 - Managing Metrics Scopes in Cloud Console

3:56 - Monitoring data across multiple projects

4:52 - Managing Metrics Scopes using the API

6:00 - Outro

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