How to Monitor a Website

How to Monitor a Website

In this Power Admin video, learn how to monitor a webpage / website.

Monitor one or many pages on a web site. Checks for positive cases (text that must be found), negative cases (alerts if error text found) and if the page has changed at all. Response times are checked and recorded, and reports can be generated to understand trends.

The Web Page Monitor lets you define one or more web pages or web resources that should be checked. You can check return codes, data size, content on the page and/or changes in content size.

Data about load times are stored for charting and reporting.

One or more pages can be checked by each monitor. If any pages are not OK, the monitor will fire actions. You can also create multiple Web Page monitors to check different pages, or alert differently.
Individual Settings (Request Tab)

A number of parameters can be given to control what and how the web page is monitored. For more details, watch our video and/or visit the help page below.