How to Monitor Services

How to Monitor Services

Learn how to add a Service Monitor to your monitored server in PA Server Monitor.

The Service Monitor watches the same system services that can be seen from the Administrator Tools Services applet (services.msc). If a service is not running, actions are fired (which could notify you and/or restart the service for example). The Restart Service action is typically attached to this monitor.

A number of services start and stop on their own during normal usage. You probably don't want to be notified about those services, so you can indicate they should be ignored. Ignoring a service means it will be ignored from all other checks specified above. PA Server Monitor automatically adds a few common auto-stop services to this list automatically.

Service up or down data is recorded every time the monitor runs. You can define a time period, and optionally a summarization (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) to create an uptime report for the service.

There are a lot of different parts to this monitor. The easiest way to use this monitor is to check the "Check that all 'Automatic Start' services are running". Every time the monitor runs, the service list is fetched and if a service is set to Automatic start isn't running, alerts will fire.

This option simply fires alerts when a new service is first seen, or if a service that was once registered is no longer there.