How to Monitor Memory

How to Monitor Memory

Published Apr 27, 2020

In this video, learn how to monitor memory with PA Server Monitor.

Set up a monitor and alert to monitor memory usage counters. The Performance Counter Monitor can watch any performance counter that the Windows Perfmon tool can display. This gives you great flexibility since many systems and drivers on the computer report statistics and their current state via the performance counters.

CPU and memory usage counters are simulated for Linux/Unix machines via SNMP, and via VMWare interfaces for ESX servers. Monitoring and charting those values is now as easy as with a Windows server.

When adding a counter to be monitored, the target server is queried for counters it supports, and a dialog similar to the Windows Perfmon dialog is shown where you can select the counter that you want to monitor. Servers monitored by Satellites will also be queried immediately for their counter lists. For Linux/Unix servers, SNMP is used. Make sure you have entered the SNMP credentials if the defaults of v2c and 'public' won't work.

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