How to Monitor the Event Log for Errors

How to Monitor the Event Log for Errors

Published Apr 23, 2020

The Event Log Monitor can monitor one or more event logs on the system, including the standard Application, Security and System logs as well as custom event logs. You have complete flexibility in specifying which types of events are important to you and which types you'd like to ignore. In addition, you can manually add dynamic event sources (event sources that register themselves, add an event, and then unregister themselves).

The large Event Source grid shows all currently registered Event Log sources. Next to each source are six columns: a special filter column, and the five different event types. Place a check next to the event source of the event type that you want to watch for.

The special "=All Event Sources=" at the top of the list can be used to easily check events from all sources in a column.

Note: If the target server is monitored by a Satellite, the Event Log sources will be retrieved from the Satellite during the configuration step.

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