How to create log sinks

How to create log sinks

Are you wondering how you can route your Google Cloud logs to your desired destination?

Then check out this video, where we introduce you to log sinks which can be used to route logs to various supported destinations, walk you through how it works and the list of supported destinations to which logs can be routed. It covers the different use cases and scenarios, where the logs sinks can be very useful. We’ll also demonstrate how to create and configure an aggregated log sink that sends all VPC flow logs to BigQuery.


0:00 - Intro

0:30 - What are log sinks

0:44 - Log Sinks: Supported destinations

0:52 - How log sinks work

1:12 - Log Sinks: Use cases

1:33 - Scenario #1: Route logs to Log Bucket

2:06 - Scenario #2: Route logs to BigQuery

2:26 - Demo: How to create and configure aggregated log sink for BigQuery

4:44 - Further reading

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