How to build a successful on-call team -

How to build a successful on-call team -

In this podcast, our panellists discuss what it means to build a successful on-call team. Drawing on their experiences at fast growing start-ups and scale-ups, co-founders Pete and Chris cover everything from who should be on the rota and how to build a compassionate on-call culture, to compensation structures and tips for operationalising on-call.

In this episode, we cover:

04:07 What is on-call and why is it important?

06:25 Who should be in-call?

09:13 Should all teams be responsible for their own on-call, or should there be a dedicated team?

12:59 How can you build a compassionate on-call culture?

17:23 Spotting (and stopping) on-call heroes

27:58 On-call compensation and other incentives

39:30 Tips for operationalising on-call

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